The next generation of electoral management software

Like an EMS but unlike any other EMS

With a web-based solution offering more flexibility than a contortionist, FCS Elections is available 24×7 and accessible on any desktop, notebook, tablet or smart phone, enabling you to work anytime and anywhere.

Where old school meets new school

If you’re an old school keyboard warrior, you’ll love our keyboard driven interface releasing you from the shackles of the mouse. If you’re a right click, left click, scroll kind of person, then you’re covered too with our mouse driven interface. If you’re one of those new school, touch screen, tap, flick, zoom specialists, then fear not, with our touch screen interface delivering access to the exact same features as your keyboard driven and mouse scrolling friends. Who said you had to choose!

With FCS Elections, getting your backup is a good thing

With a service level of up to 99.995% availability, our fully hosted services ensure you get full weekly backups, differential database backups every 12 hours and transaction log backups every 5-10 minutes. In layman’s terms… we’ve got your backup (see, told you it was a good thing).

Save time. Save money.

Say goodbye to the time consuming and arduous task of downloading the latest updates and say hello to accessing them instantly through the power of pressing F5. With no internal maintenance costs to boot, you might want to use all that extra time you’ve just saved to count the money you’re saving too!

Off the grid

No internet. No signal. No problem. Whether you’re scanning postal voting statements or running the Count, FCS Elections delivers a suite of remote solutions with built-in wizards and step by step guides to make sure that when you’re off the grid, you’re never alone.

One document type to rule them all. Have a Word… or a Google Doc or an FCS Doc for that matter

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using MS Word, Google Docs, FCS Elections own proprietary documents or a blend of all three. With the ability to drag and drop MS Word and Google Docs directly into FCS Elections or use the systems integrated documents, you have the freedom to use any document, in any format, at any time and all with the appropriate merge fields and corporate headings and footings in place. What’s more, you can also be sure that no matter how complex your documents are, all formatting will remain intact!

A portal to another world

A self-service portal only really works if you don’t have to. With dedicated, two-way portals for your canvass staff, election staff, election agents, candidates, Returning Officer and even yourself, with FCS Portals, you’re in control of what you send, receive and allow your account holders to view, update, submit and do.

The Fort Knox of Data Governance

Data security isn’t a problem until it’s a problem… and then it’s a big problem. With GDPR compliance and an advanced Data Governance Policy tool built-in, the only thing more secure than your data will be your confidence in FCS Elections.

Redacted today. Tomorrow. Forever.

The sensitive information you hold isn’t always restricted to data. FCS Elections provides an in-built redaction tool that bakes your customised redaction zones into the actual image, preventing anyone from tampering and stripping out the redaction.

Accessible by design

Whether you’re magnifying the application on a desktop, using pinch zoom gestures on a touch screen or custom setting your preferred colour scheme, FCS Elections assists with your visionary needs by letting you to carry out your electoral management software tasks more easily than ever before.

No magic wands but plenty of Wizards

Take the guess work and uncertainty out of running the more complex or infrequently run tasks with the inbuilt Wizard, an interactive, step by step processing tool that’s so good at guiding you through each step of your customised task that it’s like having your own system support specialist on hand 24×7.

An Ever-Present Register

Forget having to jump back and forward through historical registers records, only to find you still can’t find what you’re looking for. With an ever-present register feature, you can now view all historic elector and property information and generate documents and reports, all in one place.

An API with a good work ethic

With access to a large documented API offering unparalleled connectivity to MyCouncil services, CRMs and any other government system that you choose to connect to, the possibilities for connecting and sharing data are virtually endless.

Trigger Happy

Work at the speed of thought with the use of Triggers. A powerful tool that lets you automate virtually any aspect of FCS Elections. It’s not quite bending reality, but it might just feel that way. If you can think it… you can probably do it.

Gone in 60 Seconds

With lightning performance speeds processing 250,000 elector records and generating registers in under 60 seconds, with FCS Elections you can be sure that lightning will always strike twice, thrice or whenever else you use it.

Transparency. Let’s be crystal clear about this.

If you like stealth releases, cryptic release notes and contradictory advise, then you’re really going to hate this. With a range of unobtrusive communication and networking tools, the FCS suite of in-built Notifications, Community Live Chat, Forums and Document Store services, deliver complete transparency of the software, services and customer base experience.

Artificial Intelligence built in… very clever

With AI technology built into FCS Elections as standard, transform your data entry tasks by letting AI Scan automatically read handwritten text from your applications and then automatically update your system. Welcome to the newest, quickest and most prolific member of your data entry team.

GOV.UK Notify, SMS and Email Integration

Let FCS Elections take away the hoops and hurdles with GOV.UK Notify integration, an inbuilt SMS tool and full integration with MS Outlook, Gmail or any other email provider. Communication to the outside world just became obstacle free.

Mystery Solved

Let FCS Elections take the guessing game out of the who, what, where, when and why, with an easy to view, full audit history for all your system data.

Designed to take the pain out of print

FCS Print is the flexible, in-house, printing service that’s an all or nothing and everything in-between, type solution. Whether you’re using it for your ad hoc print, bulk print or anything else you’d otherwise print internally, with real time proofing, settings for page size, print colour, page break, and postage class preference, this one-click solution truly is the future of flexible managed print.