Appeal management software for school admissions

The Missing Link

Say goodbye to the post-it notes and sheets of paper and say hello to AppealsPro, the UK’s only web-based appeal management software for school appeals and exclusions.

Mission. Control.

With all your data in one place, take control of your schools, headteacher, panellist, address and contact information to then schedule appeals, room bookings and panel bookings, all within the legal guidelines.

The Web Slinger

With a web-based solution offering more flexibility than a contortionist, AppealsPro is available 24×7 and accessible on any desktop, notebook, tablet or smart phone, enabling you to work anytime and anywhere.

Communication. Communication. Communication.

With access to a fully automated document and report production tool, email and SMS integration and full auditing for all outgoing and incoming correspondence, let AppealsPro transform how you communicate.

The Fort Knox of Data Governance

Data security isn’t a problem until it’s a problem… and then it’s a big problem. With GDPR compliance and an advanced Data Governance Policy tool built-in, the only thing more secure than your data will be your confidence in AppealsPro.

No Portal. No Problem.

If you find yourself without an appellant portal for logging appeals, tracking the status of appeals and uploading evidence, fear not… AppealsPro comes with an optional appellant portal as standard and what’s more, it can be branded with your own corporate colour schemes and logos.

Redacted today. Tomorrow. Forever.

The sensitive information you hold isn’t always restricted to data. AppealsPro provides an in-built redaction tool that bakes your customised redaction zones into the actual image, preventing anyone from tampering and stripping out the redaction.

An API with a good work ethic

With access to a large documented API offering unparalleled connectivity to MyCouncil services, CRMs and any other government system that you choose to connect to, the possibilities for connecting and sharing data are virtually endless.

Mystery Solved

Let AppealsPro take the guessing game out of the who, what, where, when and why, with an easy to view, full audit history for all your records.

GOV.UK Notify, SMS and Email Integration

Let AppealsPro take away the hoops and hurdles with GOV.UK Notify integration, an inbuilt SMS tool and full integration with MS Outlook, Gmail or any other email provider. Communication to the outside world just became obstacle free.

With AppealsPro, getting your backup is good thing

With a service level of up to 99.995% availability, our fully hosted services ensure you get full weekly backups, differential database backups every 12 hours and transaction log backups every 5-10 minutes. In layman’s terms… we’ve got your backup (see, told you it was a good thing).

Trigger Happy

Work at the speed of thought with the provision of Triggers. A powerful tool that lets you automate any aspect of AppealsPro. It’s not quite bending reality, but it might just feel that way. If you can think it… you can probably do it.